About WallyWorldWeb Creations

Our founder, Walter (Wally) Kaatz, has been involved in the Internet and web design since the early days of the on-line universe. We created our first website in the early 1990's, and since that time we have created a number of successful personal, professional, and e-commerce sites. Please feel free to contact Walter directly at threewc.com, the home of WallyWorldWeb Creations.

Our specialty is creating and launching e-commerce sites using a variety of open-source and proprietary platforms.

Our Web Design Process

We have created a approach to streamline the custom web design process, which allows us to provide excellent customer service and one-on-one support throughout the development of your website and beyond.

Step One: Discovery

Your website is a reflection of you and/or your business, so it is imperative that we understand your goals, objectives and expectations for the development of your website. We ask focused questions, clarify details and request supporting information to get an in-depth understanding of what we need to do to make the project a success.

Step Two: Design

After we’ve thoroughly discussed and researched the information provided in the Discovery process, we’ll move into the Design phase. We will begin creating the look and feel of your website, based on the information presented in the Discovery phase. This will be the time of design and revision and your opportunity to provide your thoughts on color, layout, and all other visual elements related to the website.

Step Three: Development

In this stage of the web design process, we’ll program, code and configure your site to make sure it’s user-friendly and has the technical infrastructure to support the outer shell. We will enable all of your internal links and implement all customized back-end features, programming, and search engine optimization features.

Step Four: Deployment

At this point, your website is almost ready to go live. But before we launch your site, we’ll put it through a series of tests to ensure it loads properly on various web browsers and functions according to the specifications. After your site has passed our tests and has received your final approval, the files are released to you and the site is uploaded to your hosting account.

Beyond the Launch

Now your website is officially live. Our work doesn’t stop there, though. We stand behind our work. If anything isn’t complete according to the specification or if any code malfunctions occur during this time, we’ll fix it quickly—and at no charge to you.